Dianabol: Side Effects & User Guide for Extreme Bulking

Dianabol: Side Effects & User Guide for Extreme Bulking

Dianabol is widely known to many as Dbol in the bodybuilding community. It was one of the first synthetic steroids and was introduced in the 1960’s to help the United States Olympic teams defeat the Soviets. This steroid represents the most crucial and highly sought after anabolic steroids. No doubt, it is the most popular oral steroid in any form to hit the market. While found as oral tablets in most cases, Dbol can also be purchased as an injectable solution. However, tablets represent the basic and most common form of administration. Why is Dbol essential?

In a variety of ways, Dbol gave rise to modern performance enhancement. Although it was not the initial anabolic steroid belonging to testosterone to be used for that particular purpose, it would later open an avenue to a new wave of steroids. Dbol represents the only anabolic steroid that was designed for just one purpose: To enhance performance. This compound carried therapeutic uses at some point, but performance was the core reason for the rise of the steroid.

Through the mid-1940’s to the 1950’s, the Soviets had begun dominating in the Olympics. The use of testosterone by their athletes left other countries lagging behind in terms of performance. At that time, the US Olympic team physician Dr. Ziegler learned of the steroid the Soviets were using and quickly aided in ensuring that his athletes would match up. In 1958, Ciba Pharmaceuticals with the help of Dr. Ziegler produced the trade name Dianabol in the form of Methandrostenolone. The batches were designed in a way that they maintained the anabolic properties of testosterone. They ensured that there was less androgenicity in a powerful and fast-acting method.

Suddenly, the steroid became a massive success, boosting the performance of the US athletes and enabling them to beat the Soviets. After its inception, Dbol found its way into almost every kind of sport. Later, this steroid became a staple in the bodybuilding world where it has to date remained a favorite and highly regarded. After this steroid reached the market, the US FDA demanded that the company should list the true medical benefits of Dbol. Consequently, the FDA approved its use for osteoporosis treatment in pituitary deficient dwarfism and post-menopausal in women. However, in the 1980’s, the steroid was withdrawn for the usage. Due to the mounting pressure from the FDA, Ciba decided to discontinue production of the steroid in 1983. Since then, this steroid has never been produced legally in the United States, but in most parts of the world, it is has been embraced and is produced legally.

Dianabol Effects and Results

As a results of its power to effectively build muscle mass despite its low price, Dbol is still widespread today. It is in most cases administered orally, and this brings relief to most steroid users that balk at injections. After a month of 25-30 mg daily use, the user usually notices an improvement. Alongside this steroid, other drugs are used to improve and maximize muscle mass. At some point, the diet may be changed to achieve 5000 calories daily.

However, this steroid is not very effective at burning fat. The main factor here is due to its high water retention effects. It is a testosterone-derived androgenic steroid. It is an altered form of the male androgen testosterone. The alteration found in this steroid reduces the androgenic nature of the hormones. It also contains an additional methyl group that allows the survival of oral ingestion for the hormone. This classifies Dianabol as a C17-alpha steroid. Dbol shares a weak relationship for serum binding protein, and this results in a very powerful anabolic steroid.

Dbol provides high anabolic benefits by enhancing nitrogen retention, protein synthesis, and glycogenolysis. Nitrogen retention is crucial given that muscle tissue is comprised of about 16% nitrogen. Protein synthesis stands for the rate that cells build proteins. With enhanced glycogenolysis, the body can make better use of the total carbohydrate consumption.

Dbol effects can be summarized as fast acting. In fact, it is possible for the user to gain more than 20 pounds of mass in just a few weeks of use. The total dosing plays a big role, the same as the total caloric consumption. The fact that more than 20 lbs is a reality with Dbol makes the steroid a premier. In the phase of use, the user should expect increased strength. In fact, Dbol is one of the best strength enhancing steroids on the market.

Although it is not common in the athletic world, the athletes who use it enjoy its results. Due to the rapid mass increase brought about by Dbol, athletes opt for other steroids like Winstrol, but the intake is dependent on use. Given that Dbol gives rapid strength that can translate into more speed and power; this steroid can be great for athletes. The user should also experience endurance and recovery. If you expect weight gain, remember that it will largely be dependent on the total caloric intake. Although Dbol will promote great amounts of mass, the body must be fed with enough calories.

Some will rely on a cutting cycle for quicker results. Competitive bodybuilders use the steroid early in a cutting phase to maintain fullness. The result is that the user gets lean tissue protection. But, the problem with cutting cycle is that the level of water retention can be too high.

Dianabol Cycle for Extreme Bulking

How can you use Dianabol cycle for extreme bulking? Although many are unfamiliar with Dbol, it can offer amazing strength gains. Before purchasing Dbol, first understand what it is meant for, and how you can benefit. Understand that Dbol works similarly to a testosterone and enhances the ability to maintain and increase muscle mass. To combine Dianabol with protein that is substantial makes the steroid valuable to the body.

For bodybuilders, Dbol has been a favorite for the last five decades. It played a huge role in increasing bodybuilding attention. Although it has several side effects, the benefits that can be gained once combined with the right diet, an effective PTC, and solid training are incredible.

Cycle 1
Week 1-6: Take 30 mg of Dbol daily
Cycle 2
Week 1-5: Take 25mg Dbol and 42 mg Trenbolone every day

Week 6-8: 42 mg Trenbolone everyday

Cycle 3
Week 1-5: 40 mg Dbol and 500 mg Test E every day

Week 6-12: 500 mg Test E every day

Cycle 4
Week 1-6: 25 mg of Dbol and 50 mg Proviron everyday
Cycle 5
Week 1-5: 30 mg Dbol and 400 mg Trenbolone every day with 500 mg Test E weekly

Week 6-8: 400 mg Trenbolone every day with 500 mg Test E weekly

Week 9-15: 500 mg Test E weekly



Post Cycle Therapy

The Dbol cycle used determines the type of PTC needed. The most flexible therapies consist of 20 mg Nolvadex taken daily for at least four weeks, 100 mg Clomid daily for at least two weeks, and 50 mg for an additional two weeks. Also, HCG is frequently used towards the end of the cycle. Its intake continues after the cycle to help in the stimulation of the body’s production of natural testosterone. It also helps in protecting against testicular atrophy. Once you try out one of the provided cycles, soon enough you will figure out what a perfect steroid cycle is. If you gain 15 lbs or more in a few weeks, people might begin questioning how you did it.

Dianabol Administration

The oral dosage nature of Dbol tends to limit its use and creates limited flexibility under which it can be used in terms of dosage and cycles. Oral steroids are designed to serve as supportive compounds or Kickstarter compounds in cycles where different other compounds are used as a base. The oral steroid taken during the first weeks enables the user to experience positive changes later on. However, the effects of injectable compound slowly increase.

The moment the oral compounds are discontinued, the anabolic effects of the injectable compounds are in full swing, and an almost immediate transition is made.

Where mass addition and sheer bulking is the primary goal, Dbol is commonly reserved for cycles. Regardless of the cycle, Dbol is put into, its doses do not change whether cutting or bulking.

When using the compounds for a certain goal, a high dosage is unnecessary in the midst of its strength and potency as an anabolic steroid. Although 5mg is considered to be on the low end, it has the power to boost athletic performance.

Dianabol Side Effects

All anabolic steroids have particular side effects. However, some users develop no negative response no matter the steroid. The two very common side effects of Dbol are bloat/excess water retention and Gynecomastia (male breast enlargement). Both reactions occur due to hormone aromatizing. As estrogen keeps increasing in the body, the effects become present.

The other primary Dbol side effects are inefficient cholesterol levels and high blood pressure. For varying reasons, many believe that anabolic androgenic steroids don’t suppress testosterone. That is false. It is true to say that the levels of suppression vary with every form. One major forgotten Dbol side effect is that it leads to testosterone suppression.

Dbol is not much of an androgenic steroid; thus, its androgenicity has been reduced. However, the androgenic side effects can still be experienced. The side effects, in this case, may include accelerated hair loss resulting in baldness in men, acne, and body hair growth. Most men may not have issues with such effects. Although most of the mentioned odds are in your favor, they result from methandrostestosterone being metabolized by 5-alpha enzyme. 5-alpha is the same enzyme that is responsible for testosterone reduction to dihydrotestosterone although the overall conversion, in this case, results in low dihydromethandrostenolone amounts. It should mean that 5-alpha reductase inhibitors are in many cases used in combating androgenic side effects.

Although it has reduced androgenicity, Dbol can boost virilization in women. The symptoms include deepening of the voice, hair growth, and clitoral enlargement. Some women can still use Dbol without these symptoms if low doses are used. In women, the odds are not favorable.

Common Effects

  1. Male pattern baldness
  2. Aggressiveness
  3. Acne and oily skin

Less Common Effects

  1. Liver Toxicity
  2. Testicular Atrophy
  3. Gynecomastia
  4. High blood pressure
  5. Low HDL Cholesterol
  6. High LDL Cholesterol
  7. Water Retention
  8. Testosterone Suppression

Depending on the body chemistry, the effects will be different. There are certain effects that can be linked to estrogen when taking Dbol. For the user to avoid the side effects, it is recommended that an aromatase inhibitor be added to the cycle. The reason an initial gain in weight will be noticed is because water is retained. As soon as the drug is stopped, the weight added in the cycle may be lost, but the strength should be retained.

Buy Dianabol Online

Buying Dbol online has never been easier. By far, this a highly affordable steroid. In fact, buying from a gym dealer could be more pricey because most times they also purchase online and sell to you. However, with the online convenience that comes with purchasing Dbol online, a few problems could be experienced. One, you could be scammed. Two, you could fall for a low-grade product. Three, you could purchase a counterfeit.

It therefore makes it imperative for you do conduct a thorough research beforehand. One problem that goes beyond the three is that in places like the US, it is against federal law to purchase these steroids. It means you need a prescription to purchase any steroid. The prescription will only be written if you have a legitimate medical need. NOTE: Dianabol will never be prescribed. That means you must understand the laws of your country before purchasing.

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Dianabol Reviews

Since Dbol is extremely popular, it is crucial to go through the steroid’s reviews. For many years, there has been an attack against anabolic steroids. There has been a wide array of misinformation reported as truth. Any Dbol review you come across must be based on the actual steroid. It must state what Dianabol is, its functions, and benefits. Look out for the following foundation:

For the anabolic androgenic steroid methandrostenolone, Dianabol is the most popular trade name.

It was developed by Dr. John Ziegler, US Olympic team physician, to make his team more competitive against the Soviets as the Soviets dominated the Games due to their Testosterone use.

Dianabol is oral and carries moderate levels of androgenic rating.

Dbol belongs to the C17 class of anabolic steroids. This means it can be toxic to the liver.

Methandrostenolone is a hormone; the nature of Dbol increases glycogenolysis and protein synthesis.

Dianabol Benefits

In many reviews, you will read that the steroid has no benefits on athletic performance or muscle hypertrophy. For the past 50 years of positive results, it is fair to say that Dbol reviews reporting otherwise are not to be trusted. The benefits to be included in a genuine review should include:

Enhanced strength: people that supplement with Dbol experience increased strength within a particular period depending on the dosage.

Enhance muscle mass: Calories taken in to promote growth are strongly enhanced by Dbol intake. One could gain up to 20 lbs in a short while. Some of the weight mass is as a result of water retention, but a large portion is lean mass.

Preserved lean tissue: Hard training destroys muscle mass. For this reason, Dbol allows the body to protect the muscles from stress.

Increased Recovery: Dbol allows the user to experience quick recovery, and that results in a more efficient athlete.

Dbol allows the body to gain more lean tissue and gain less fat. When more lean tissue is built, more calories must be consumed than burned.

Adverse Reactions

As is the case with most medication and steroids, the user may experience side effects during the intake of Dbol. It means that as a result of genetic predisposition, some will not tolerate the medication. The reviews you come across should not state that Dbol side effects are guaranteed to be problematic. It should state that the side effects can be controlled. That should include:

  • Water Retention
  • Gynecomastia
  • Liver Toxicity
  • High blood pressure among others

For such side effects to be combated, the first line of defense is moderation in doses taken. In addition, since various reactions could result from estrogen buildup, an aromatase inhibitor can be used. The inhibitor should stop the buildup of the estrogen. It will further reduce body estrogens.

Furthermore, it should be noted that Dbol is not for everybody. For people suffering from high cholesterol, high blood pressure, or liver issues, Dbol must be avoided. Given that Dbol has a suppressive nature, it is crucial to supplement with exogenous testosterone. That will provide the body with the testosterone it needs. Although it is toxic to the liver, it is not as toxic as many over the counter drugs and excess alcohol consumption. That said, Dbol must be taken responsibly. That is a fact regarding Dbol side effects. Watch out for this on reviews.

Finally, as you explore Dbol reviews, you can use the truth provided to make a solid choice. Whether you plan to use Dianabol or use the information for a better understanding, you now have a detailed guideline of what to expect from reviews and the steroid itself.


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