Top 5 Growth Hormones in 2020 for Bodybuilding Professionals

Top 5 Growth Hormones in 2020 for Bodybuilding Professionals

In order to look and perform better than their counterparts, various types of pharmaceutical supplements and natural products have been used for a long time by most professional bodybuilders all over the world. The main purpose of taking these supplements is to raise the bar higher so that it cannot be surpassed easily by future bodybuilders. Sometime back in the 1960s, anabolic steroids were used by bodybuilders as a perfect product to help them in developing their muscular physique easily.

hgh-muscleBut due to various side effects, these steroids became banned after a few years and in the 1970s, a new concept of Human Growth Hormone or HGH came into light to improve the athletic ability of the bodybuilders. These HGH contine to be used in the bodybuilding world even today since their introduction as competent growth hormone bodybuilding supplements for bodybuilders.

In fact, the pituitary gland of every person produces HGH as a necessary product for their overall well-being including health. The growth hormone released by the pituitary gland helps in optimizing the functions of the body as well as cause serious health problems if they are too much or too little in quantity in one’s body.

So to maintain the proper levels in one’s body and the maintenance of muscular growth of bodybuilders, various types of HGH supplements are used these days. A brief summary of information about some of the popular growth hormone bodybuilding supplements used by professional bodybuilders is given here for your reference.


1- G-tropin

G-tropin is the commercial name of the genetic human growth hormone Somatropin produced by the laboratory Euro Pharmacies by using DNA technology. This synthetic growth hormone contains a sequence of 191 amino acids which makes it identical to the HGH produced by your pituitary gland. It is available in the form of white, lyophilized, and sterile powder with 4 mg Somatropin.

The therapeutic effectiveness of G-tropin has been proved through various clinical studies and is found equivalent to the natural growth hormone produced by your pituitary gland. In case of lack of sufficient natural growth hormone, this growth hormone bodybuilding supplement is given to children to stimulate their linear growth. This supplement helps in improving the concentrations of IGF-1 along with increasing the growth rate in their bodies.

Benefits of G-tropin

Growth of tissues: G-tropin stimulates the growth of very thin patients due to deficiency of growth hormone. It helps in making considerable changes in their height by improving the growth of epiphyseal plates in their longitudinal bones. It also helps in increasing the serum concentration of IGF-1 necessary for the skeletal growth of children with low growth hormone levels. G-tropin also helps in growing the cells of skeletal muscles of short statured people having lower levels of natural growth hormone. By taking this synthetic somatropin, the muscles of bodybuilders grow in size as well as mass. It also improves the mass of red blood cells which help in improving the size of internal organs.

Metabolize protein: The increase in the synthesis of cellular protein helps in linear growth of a person. By taking somatropin in the form of G-tropin, the retention of nitrogen caused by decrease in urinary excretion can be regulated easily.

Metabolize carbohydrate: G-tropin also helps in improving the metabolism of hypoglycemia of children with hypopituitarism. Its higher dose can damage the tolerance of glucose.

Lipid metabolism: The use of this growth hormone can help in mobilizing the lipid metabolism of people deficient of growth hormone by increasing the level of plasma fatty acids and reducing the fat stored in their body.

Metabolize minerals: Somatropin in G-tropin contains minerals like potassium, phosphorus, and sodium which helps in increasing the concentration of inorganic phosphates among people with deficient growth hormone, but it fails in changing the concentration of calcium considerably.

Metabolism of connective tissues: G-tropin helps in stimulating the synthesis of collagen and urinary excretion of hydroxyproline and chondroitin sulfate.

Side effects of G-tropin

The patients with acute critical illnesses due to complications caused by abdominal or heart surgery, respiratory issues, and multiple traumas after accident should not consume G-tropin. It has been proved through various clinical trials that the use of this growth hormone in such conditions can increase the risk of death of the patient.

It should not be used by the people suffering from closed epiphyses or progression of an underlying intracranial lesion. Before using it, intracranial tumors have to be inactivated completely by using an anti-tumor therapy. They should also give enough time for observation before starting to take G-tropin.

In case of recurrent growth of tumors, G-tropin should be discontinued.

Patients with benzyl alcohol sensitivity should not opt for G-tropin injection reconstituted with bacteriostatic sodium chloride.

Children taking treatment for chronic renal disease should discontinue G-tropin during renal transplantation.

Patients with severe respiratory impairment or severe obesity also should not use this growth hormone.

Precautions for G-tropin

One should consult a physician experienced in the diagnosis and management of growth hormone deficiency before starting therapy with this growth hormone bodybuilding supplement.

People suffering from intracranial lesions along with deficiency of growth hormone should be examined frequently for the recurrence or progression of the underlying problems during the treatment process.

Due to the effect of G-tropin on one’s insulin resistance, the patient should be observed frequently in this regard.
Patients with mellitus diabetes should also take this growth hormone carefully as in some cases it becomes important to test their sugar level closely.


hgh-genotropinGenotropin is another commercial growth hormone bodybuilding supplement of Somatropin growth hormone which is normally used by bodybuilders for the growth of their muscles and bones. The adults and children lacking the quantity of growth hormone produced naturally by their pituitary gland usually consume this growth hormone supplement. It is also consumed by the people suffering from problems like Noonan syndrome, chronic kidney failure, Prader-Willi syndrome, Turner syndrome, short stature at birth, short bowel syndrome, severe loss of weight due to AIDS, and for various other purposes not listed in the guide of medical experts.

Benefits of genotropin

Medical experts also recommend Genotropin to patients having diabetes-related eye problems, cancer, severe breathing problems, and obesity, etc. They do not recommend this growth hormone if the patient is facing complications due to injury, surgery, or a medical trauma or serious health problem due to the failure of the lungs.


You should not use genotropin without talking to your physician if you have:

Serious illness due to cancer, lung failure or problems caused by recent traumatic conditions
Diabetes-related eye problems
Severe breathing problem or overweight and having treatment for Prader-Willi syndrome

So you should notify  your doctor of all your ailments to ensure that this growth hormone bodybuilding supplement is safe for you. Various brands of Somatropin supplements including genotropin can be harmful for pregnant and breast-feeding women as well as newborn babies. The evidence of such effects is not available to date as many fake Genotropin supplements are available on the market.


hgh-humatropeHumatrope is becoming a popular growth hormone supplement among bodybuilders and athletes these days as it helps in improving their endurance and physical appearance. Though this growth hormonal supplement has a number of health benefits, it still should be used carefully in proper dosages as prescribed by your doctor as various fake Humatrope supplements are available on the market that can be harmful to your health, particularly if taken in quantities greater than the  prescribed dose.

Importance of Humatrope

The human growth hormone Humatrope is widely used by bodybuilders and spots professionals all over the world to decrease their body fat and increase their muscle mass. But before using this hormonal supplement, you should know the frequency and its exact amount to be taken to get the desired results without any problems.

Functions of Humatrope

Though Humatrope is the HGH possessed by every human, many professional bodybuilders and athletes, especially those who are aging, lose their endurance and muscle mass due to its abuse. It binds itself with one’s natural receptors of hormones existing on the cells of the body to multiply their muscle cells and increase the mass of their muscles. It also stimulates their glucose and lipid metabolism to increase the growth of their skeletal bones and muscles along with decreasing the percentage of their body fat. The dosage of Humatrope depends upon the physical condition and target of each individual bodybuilder or athlete. But this growth hormone bodybuilding supplement should be taken carefully as prescribed by your doctor as it can have various harmful effects on one’s health if taken excessively to get faster results.


hgh-jintropinGene science lab Pharmaceutical inc. has created a new powerful growth hormone bodybuilding supplement, Jintropin, which contains a series of 191 natural amino acids required for the growth of muscle mass and physical endurance.

Use of Jintropin

Jintropin is available in various types of powders which can be blended in water. It can be used without shaking as it dissolves completely in water. It immunizes various parts of your body like thighs etc. which soak it quickly. In order to get desired results, one must use it at least for four months.

Advantages of Jintropin

Jintropin helps in the linear development of adults as well as children facing deficiency of growth hormone. Adults with reduced level of growth hormone can also avail themselves of its advantages by reducing the problems in tissues connected to their skin and other internal problems due to aging body. It also takes care of these health problems by intensifying muscle mass, improving physical vigor, reducing the fat stored inside the body, and increasing the overall welfare and liveliness of the subject. Professional bodybuilders use it as it helps in the development of new muscle cells.

Remedial warnings

You can use growth hormone bodybuilding supplement if:

The growth of your natural hormone is interrupted due to a problem connected to inadequate emission of growth hormone caused by abnormal chromosomes.
Disruption in growth of pre-pubertal children linked with renal deficiency
Adults with growth hormone deficiency who require replacement therapy
You require treatment of various serious problems like sepsis, burns, major surgeries, multiple trauma, intestinal fistula, and severe pancreatitis
You require treatment of severe ulcers and wounds caused by diabetic ulcers, burns, recurring venous ulcers, decubital ulcers, or diabetic foot ulcers by using it tropically

This growth hormone bodybuilding supplement should be used carefully as fake Jintropin supplements are also prevalent on the market these days.


hgh-hygetropinHygetropin is a growth hormone bodybuilding supplement created by a Chinese company, Hygene Biopharm Co. Ltd., in 2008. This growth hormonal supplement is a medium quality supplement of Somatropin that contains a series of 191 amino acids required for proper growth of human body. It is available in freeze dried powder form which contains certain residual bacteria. Different users of this supplement reported different results. Some of them experienced painful red swelling around the point of injection of this supplement which shows the response of their immune system to this supplement. This can be a very dangerous side effect. It can develop body’s immunity to the growth hormone produced by it naturally.

After the termination of the licence of the manufacturers of Jintropin by the Chinese government, a big vacuum developed in the market of HGH supplements. In order to fill up this gap and reduce the possibilities of black marketing of growth hormonal products, various fake products came on to the market along with the introduction of Hygetropin in 2008. This growth hormone supplement became popular among bodybuilders and athletes very quickly after the disappearance of Jintropin. Still. one should take this growth hormone bodybuilding supplement carefully due to the existence of a large number of fake growth hormone supplements available on the market these days.


Thus, after going through the information provided in this write-up about various growth hormone bodybuilding peptides, professional bodybuilders and athletes can easily choose the best one for the growth of their muscle mass and physical endurance. No matter which growth hormone peptide they choose, they should use them carefully as prescribed by their doctor. They should refrain from overuse or abuse of these supplements to get quicker results, as this can be harmful for their overall health.

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